This diagram is a simple way to grasp the subtle layers of being within us. Each layer has distinct properties, and it is the interblending of them that make us what we are.

As we become sensitized to the Light Body level within us we are filled with the Light of Life, peace, harmony, expanding awareness, beauty, and Love.

This page gives images to help you visualize what people with opened spiritual senses can see. All is Light, all is beauty here, on the level of Light.
When we simply imagine this level playfully, with good will, Love flows out of our hearts.
Through times of conscious surrender to open to the Great Light and Love, and in the silence of deep meditation, our being harmonizes with this most beautiful level of our true Selves.
Our brain loves to be illuminated. And it also resists its restructuring. Through a process we bring the brain into harmony with the body intelligence and transform it into freedom. A brain of Light is a beautiful mind of creativity, freedom and thankfulness.
Sexual sensation, when surrendered to completely, opens us. That is its truest nature. Each time we bring sex and spirit together we can ride this instinct to open right up into Divine beauty.
True Tantra is not about sexual addiction, but just the opposite: about the strength to overcome our lower nature and arise into fearless Love: to be clear; to be open and true; to become our truest, complete Selves. There is a jewel hidden in our sexual life-force nature that renews our beings, that freshens us, that makes us joyous and good. As we discover this treasure our youth is renewed day by day... and our souls arise in lightness to shine.
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