We are all born through sexual energy. Sex is the gateway from the Divine into the human. Sex is designed by God and is a pure flame of the most astonishingly beautiful sensations. Sex creates innocent beings. That is its nature. This page is designed to give you images to gaze at as a meditation on the qualities of primal innocence. It is the same process as moving in Chi Gong from thought awareness into body sensation awareness. Can you move from ideas about these images into feeling, sensing, realizing the spiritual qualities they actually convey? Once you sense these pure qualities, take a drink of them. Enjoy them. Go deeper. As we remember our primal innocence gates open into awareness of incredible realms of Divine purity. We start the journey through our recovered magical childhood into our second adolescence, and out the other side, as whole and radiant Beings.
These are enlightened beings. It is their true nature. We are enlightened beings. It is our true nature. We simply recover who and what we actually are.
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