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Pink Tantra is a process of transforming your biological functioning into the Oxytocin chemistry of Love. It develops in the same way you learn a musical instrument: through consistent practice and solid development. Luckily, the practice itself becomes pure bliss. You will absolutely love doing it. Aspects of this journey have only been taught orally from accomplished master to students in the past. Now, with today's technology, you can take the journey from your own home. A 12 week on-line conference call class is available to bring clarity and establish a spiritual/biological process in your being. Each class is followed up with a clear instructional video as well as class notes to give you a simple, attainable focus and personal support to take the step-by-step journey.

Your Pink Tantra Teacher: Blake Steele
Blake has close to 50 years of experience in the spiritual life, which includes 25 years working with the union of sexual energy and spirit. He is an American writer with 14 books and over 3,300 poems. He has practiced with full focus the more advanced aspects of Pink Tantra for over four years and currently teaches the Pink Tantra progression on-line and through spiritual workshops in Europe and Asia.
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